Challenger Class

Joseph: A story of God’s Grace


Prayer and Holiness

Becoming God’s Children

Nothing can separate us.


In God’s Image

I See The Lord

Conflict and Reconcilliation

Worship in the Synagogue

The Apostles

Welcome Table

Soul Food

Spread of Christianity

Mysterious but Approachable God

Faith, Salvation and Righteousness

Life in the Spirit

Forgiven, Rescued, Restored

Seeing Jesus

Great Mercy

Who is my neighbor

Life Changing Encounters

Forgiving Merciful Compassionate

Fire in the Furnace

Wisdom to Navigate Life’s Challenges

Restoration of His People

Who is Jesus (Part 1)

Lost and Found

Fire on the Mountain

Trust and Obey

Sparks to Flames

The Apocrypha


Are we there yet?


God’s Grace Toward Adam, Eve and Cain

River of Life

Prepare the Way

Be Strong

The Presence of Angels (Resurrection of Jesus)

Exile of Juda

Jesus in the Wilderness

Snakes in the Wilderness