Little Blessings

3161 E. Shiloh Road   662-808-1249





Director: Lakrisha South  662-808-1249   

[email protected]

The First Methodist Daycare Director Lakrisha South has been in childcare since 2001, teaching all ages and working in all capacities within the daycare setting.  She is a credentialed director within the state of Mississippi. Our Teachers have a deep love for children and have an active faith in Jesus Christ. They are ALL certified in CPR and First Aid and are required to receive on-going continuing education in the field of early childhood.


Registration fee (non-refundable)   $50.00 annually
Full-time infant & toddlers M-F $110.00 per week
Full-time two’s M-F $105.00 per week
Full-time three’s M-F $100.00 per week
Part-time – any age (3 days a week) $80.00 per week $80.00 per week
School-Age Program (Ages 5-12)    
Regular after-school fee M-F $60.00 per week
(Morning bus drop-off) $10.00 per week
Weekly rate for Full-time (holidays/summer) M-F $95.00 per week

Sibling Discount (up to 3 children) of $10.00 per week off older siblings

*Fees are to be paid for all weeks regardless of attendance as long as a child is enrolled at Little Blessings Daycare.


Who may enroll in Little Blessings Daycare?

Little Blessings Daycare is open to children ages 6 weeks to 4 years of age. We also offer an after-school program for school-aged children. Little Blessings does not discriminate against religion, sex, or race. All are encouraged to enroll.

Will my child be taught religious teachings?

Little Blessings is a ministry of First Methodist Church with a mission to minister to families by providing quality care for young children in a Christian environment. We emphasize Christian education by modeling God’s love and relating all of life’s experiences to the presence of God in our world. A simple Bible story and prayer time are shared daily, and Christian music is played and sung in each classroom. Also, emphasis is placed on the religious aspects of Christian holidays.

Are you licensed by the State of Mississippi?

We are fully licensed by the MS Department of Health. We are evaluated annually to ensure a safe, clean environment, and high-quality care.

What type of curriculum will be used to teach my child?

Little Blessings Daycare uses an environmental style of early childhood education. This involves making the child’s world come alive and insists that every moment is a teachable moment.  We will intertwine the day-to-day life experiences with preparation for kindergarten while maintaining a solid Christian foundation. Guidance and activities in each unit help your child develop language, pre-reading, pre-writing, and other foundational skills age-appropriate to his or her state of development. Learning centers are set up in each classroom to promote education and creativity.

Special Needs

Little Blessings Daycare is not equipped to serve special-needs children if they require additional staff or special equipment or materials.

Can I come to visit your facility, meet your teachers, and see how classes are run?

Absolutely! If you are interested in enrolling your child, please call and set up an appointment with the director to ensure that she is available to show you around.