Thoughts from the Lake 2 by Dave Cornelius

“It’s all about the show”

One of the most disappointing comments I’ve heard in regards to church music is, “It’s all about the show.” OK, that drives me nuts!

I’ve heard it used about musicians who fret over details striving for excellence. I’ve heard it about musicians who deliver their offerings with unbridled passion. I’ve even heard it used as an excuse for mediocrity.

One group of musicians I worked with a few years ago were constantly saying “O, don’t worry about it, God will bless it.” By the way that was their excuse for not rehearsing enough to achieve musical excellence.

So when does striving for musical and worship excellence “cross the line” and become less of an offering to God because of effort, passion, creativity, style or energy? What’s more, who am I to judge?

I know all of us have experienced individuals who seemed more interested in their own glory than God’s. We have experienced those who seemed like they were simply going through the motions without any attempt at excellence.

I have always felt that God gave me a collection of talents and gifts. I don’t know how great they are but they were His gift to me. For that, I am both humbled and grateful.

The caveat to that is with gifts comes responsibility.

As worship artists, I believe we must be good stewards of those gifts. Stewardship requires passionate, loving, diligent effort to polish and shape those gifts so they can be offered in return as the best part of ourselves for His pleasure and glory.

We can’t “mail it in.”