Pastor’s Blog

A couple of weeks ago, we here at First Methodist shared in a wonderfully powerful worship service where we baptized an infant.  It’s always a celebration and a big deal to baptize a baby and walk them through the congregation.  The ceremony of Baptism is fancy; the child usually has a special Baptismal gown on, extended family attends from out of town, pictures are taken, and usually a family lunch is shared.

This Infant Baptism was all that but more.  Frank Worsham Leonard was the 6th generation Worsham to be baptized in this congregation.  That is amazing in itself and certainly worth celebrating, which we did well.

But what was most worthy of our celebration that day in worship was the work of God among a family.  Baptism is a symbol of what God does in our lives.  Baptism is a sign of God’s grace in our lives. And God’s grace happens long before Baptism is experienced.

For 6 generations God has been present in and with the Worsham family. For 6 generations God has comforted them, healed them, forgiven them, walked with them in pain and suffering, loved them, and blessed them with His presence.

This most recent Infant Baptism reminds us that God has shared His grace upon each one of us and our families also.  A couple of Sunday’s ago we did celebrate a small child’s Baptism, but more importantly we celebrated God’s grace upon each of us and this congregation.

Thanks be to God!

Roger Shock