God Sent a Musician

Sometimes those of us who are musicians are overwhelmed by the demands of preparing and leading the musical aspects of worship. Our desire to offer our best to God often becomes more stressful than joyful particularly during Advent and Easter seasons.

During those “woe is me” moments we would do well to remember the importance God places on music and what a multi-faceted gift the ability to make music truly is.

The Bible contains more than 1,100 references to singing and playing of instruments that range from music therapy, communicating, lamenting, mourning, joy, exultation, serving in worship and leading the God’s armies into battle. Even the trees, rocks, streams, mountains and angels are commanded to shout for joy.

Dan Wilt in his article “God Sent a Musician” reminded me of the power of this gift we have been given and of the pleasure and responsibility we have to use and polish it.

I had never really thought about it but, “When a giant needed to be dealt with, God sent a musician.”

The young shepherd boy David not only learned to sling stones but to sing tunes as he faced down the giants in his own life. What’s more his singing and playing soothed the raging turmoil within the heart of a king.

We have all faced our own personal giants and been touched by the power of music as it enables small heroes to overcome big enemies.

For generations, believers found strength “singing new songs, creating and experiencing powerful music, and worshipping with courageous melodies that have entrenched psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs deep into fearful hearts.”

Each week, we practice and faithfully lead worship so that even one person in our congregation can feel strength surge in their hearts as they declare the goodness, nearness, and favor of God in song.

God sends musicians to help people face giants every week. “Our music delivers the strength and hope to peoples’ hearts that they will need for their daily battle lines. Songs are as sure to turn the tide in a battle as the five smooth stones David pulled from the stream.”

We serve notice to every giant in the room – “when the people of God begin to sing, fear has met its match.”