Our History

Methodists in this section of North Mississippi were on the Tishomingo Circuit from 1837 until 1857. Corinth was made a Station Church and in that year the church members bought, for one thousand dollars, a lot on which to build their first house of worship. The lot comprised the north half of city block 125, located east of Court Square. This lot was the site of Methodist churches for 102 years – from 1858-1960.

Three church buildings were erected on it. The first one, completed in 1858, was a two-story formed structure. During the War it was used as a stable and was greatly abused. This building was destroyed by fire in 1868. Immediately another frame church was erected and was used until 1891, at which time the first brick building was contracted for. It was completed in 1892.

In 1895 this first brick building was remodeled. A large wing was added on the south, memorial windows were placed on three sides of the building, a pipe organ was purchased and a furnace was installed. This church was ready for occupancy in 1906.

During the ministry of the Reverend W. C. Newman, a movement was made to start raising funds for a more adequate building. Funds for this purpose came slowly and it was about 20 years before dreams of a spacious edifice materialized. While the Reverend J. T. Humphries was pastor (1952-1959) plans were set up, a large portion of money needed was raised and work was begun on the present church in 1958. The magnificent structure is located on the Northwest corner of Fillmore and Bunch streets and was completed in 1960. The Reverend Roy Grissom was the minister at that time.